About us

Company introduction and basic principles

Company introduction

We were founded in 1950 in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City as a precision metal machining company. Kyoto, where we were born and raised, is a traditional artisan town where traditional industries such as silk textiles, pottery, various crafts, and Japanese sweets have flourished since ancient times. In response to the changing needs of the times, the city has contributed to the development of various industrial fields with the latest technology in areas such as machine parts and electronic parts, utilizing the skills of its craftspeople, and has grown into a world-class international tourist city.

We, like Kyoto, see the cutting edge of high-tech as low-tech, and have made great strides by always taking on the challenge of developing the latest technologies ahead of our competitors and combining tradition and innovation, while using our joy and craftsmanship in manufacturing passed down by previous generations as a foothold. The high-precision, high-quality, ultra-precision products that we offer began with the development of our own garment fiber cutting equipment. Today, we continue to build on our solid track record and reliability in a wide range of fields, including the energy and infrastructure industries, highly advanced medical equipment, various analytical instruments, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and various general industrial equipment.

Kasuga Factory strives to transcend the boundaries of its fields, both now and in the future, to provide products that can sincerely meet the needs of many customers.

Basic principles

Corporate policy


  • Freedom and discipline are two sides of the same coin, and when they coexist, they exert more than their essence.
  • While respecting the flexibility and independence of the individual, each employee will cultivate a noble spirit that is rooted not only in a code of conduct, such as courtesy and morality that people should naturally possess, but also in a sense of responsibility and self-control as a member of society.
  • All employees must work together, unite this spirit, and lead to the formation of a large, strong, high-quality organization.

KASUGA’s Identity

KASUGA's Identity

Management philosophy
Contribute to the development of society through the refinement of intellect, sensitivity, and skills to produce high quality products

Kasuga Spirit
We are motivated to challenge ourselves to achieve a higher level beyond our existing technical skills and capabilities, and put our souls into our work

Quality policy
Continue to provide high quality products by maintaining and improving our quality management system in accordance with basics and ethics

Environmental philosophy

Recognizing environmental conservation as a top priority issue, reduce environmental impact and contribute to the realization of a prosperous global environment through environmentally conscious corporate activities

Environmental policy

Recognizing the importance of preserving the global environment in developing businesses related to precision metal machining, we have formulated the following policies in order to act with consideration for environmental preservation in all aspects of our corporate activities.

1) Recognize the environmental impact of business activities and strive to prevent environmental pollution
2) Comply with environmental laws and regulations and environmental agreements agreed to by our company

Responsible mineral procurement policy

We will view our commitment to responsible mineral resource procurement as a corporate social responsibility and establish a responsible supply chain that strives to avoid the use of minerals that contribute to human rights abuses.

Based on this policy, we have established the Responsible Mineral Resources Procurement Regulations to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and fulfill our social responsibilities.

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