About us

Message from the President

For more than half a century since its establishment, we at Kasuga Factory, based in the historic city of Kyoto, have devoted ourselves to human resource development and corporate growth in order to be a true company that builds a peaceful society and happiness for our employees.

After the war, Japan spectacularly revived its decimated industries and quickly became an economic superpower. The Japanese economy has undergone many twists and turns, including a period of high growth, stable growth, and a period of bubble economy. We are now in the 21st century, and the effects of further internationalization, aging, advanced information technology, and advanced technology have continuously shifted the paradigm. However, in today’s continuously turbulent business environment, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Japanese economy is gradually recovering based on lessons learned from past experiences without succumbing to adversity.

We believe in learning from the past, and through the fine and ancient Japanese spirit that can only be cultivated in Kyoto, the cornerstone of Japanese industry, we strive to nurture employees who combine rich wisdom, abundant passion, and advanced, delicate, and unique craftsmanship. We will continue to fearlessly take on the challenge of developing the latest technology as a united company to contribute to the many customers who support the Japanese economy by giving form to this fusion of tradition and innovation that brings together “skill” and “knowledge,” and to grow even more as a behind-the-scenes force to contribute to the Japanese economy.

We are convinced that our pursuit and dedication to human resource development and corporate growth will lead to a peaceful society and, in turn, to the happiness of our employees. Although it may be a small step in the world, we will continue to move forward toward the future without stopping, aiming to accumulate the value of these small steps and create new leaps forward and greater value.